Community Development

The Community Development Department of Boulder City has divisions consisting of:
Community Development is also responsible for the Strategic Plan of Boulder City and the Comprehensive Master Plan.


The overriding goals are to:
  • Provide a planning and building process for Boulder City that will guide future development so as to achieve an orderly transition from desert open spaces to urban uses
  • Ensure that all development within the city meets high standards for public safety, compatible design and quality of workmanship


Out of the above goals emerge several objectives that Community Development is expected to address:
  • Maintain high standards for each division
  • Strive to comply with deadlines
  • Complete the backlog of pending projects before starting new ones
  • Better understand the overall mission and goals of Boulder City and direct this department in a manner consistent with said mission
  • Make sure appropriate staff members have a close working relationship with other agencies and special interest groups
  • Strive to bring projects to a conclusion within a reasonable time period
  • Work with citizen committees as allies, not adversaries

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high level of staff support to the City Council and other committees relative to land use, building codes, redevelopment processes, and similar long and short range development matters. In addition, to provide service to the public and other City departments at a high level of accuracy and timeliness.