Permit and Inspection Reports

As an added courtesy service to our community, the Building and Safety Division issues 4 types of reports regarding permit and inspection activities.

Monthly Building Permit and Inspection Activity Reports
Monthly Building Permit and Inspection Activity Reports provide general information on the types of permits issued and construction value, as well as the total number of inspections conducted. These reports are updated monthly and generally posted by the 5th day of the month following the reporting period.

Daily Inspection Reports
Daily Inspection Reports provide information on the types of inspections requested as well as the status. These reports are posted by COB each business day, up to a maximum of 4 reports, which is equivalent to a business week worth of data.

The 4 status types are as follows:
  • Pass
  • Partial Pass
  • Needs Correction
  • Unable to Inspect
Year-to-Date Reports
The Year-to-Date Report provides an overall tally of the building permit and inspection activity, by month, from January through the current month.

SFR Reports
The SFR Report provides details regarding single-family residential construction activities.  This report includes such items as the address of the project, the owner name, the estimated valuation of the project, the general contractor name, etc.  This report is only posted for the months during which a single-family residence permit has been issued.
Note: Due to reductions in staffing levels within the Community Development Department, there may be times when the courtesy reports are posted late. We appreciate your understanding.