Current Ballot Questions

The City Council may place ballot questions on any General Election ballot. The next General Municipal Election is June 13, 2017. The following require voter approval:

  • All expenditures from the Capital Improvement Fund
  • Sales of city-owned land over 1 acre
  • Charter amendments (must pass at 2 consecutive elections before amendments become effective)
  • Any debt obligations of $1M or more, as defined by NRS 350.0045 to NRS 350.0075 requires voter approval
At its regular meeting February 28, 2017, the Council directed the City Attorney to draft two ballot questions to be considered at the March 14, 2017 City Council meeting.

1) An advisory question to remove the 30 allotment per development per year limit from the Growth Controlled Ordinance while retaining the 120 allotment per year cap

2) An advisory question asking voters if they support an interchange on the I-11 at Buchanan Boulevard south of Veteran's Cemetery

Volunteers interested in writing arguments in favor of approval or opposed to approval may fill out the following form and submit to the City Clerk's office.

Ballot Question Volunteer Data Sheet