Ambulance Charges

The Boulder City Council adopted Resolution No. 5008 on June 12, 2007 approving the following fee schedule for ambulance service:
  • Nonemergency Transports $275
  • Emergency Transports (Basic Life Support) $579.69
  • Emergency Transports (Advanced Life Support) $630
  • Emergency Transports (Advanced Life Support - 2) $729.46
  • Mileage - $15 per mile
Emergency Transport Fees
Our service fees are designed to cover the cost associated with providing on-going emergency transport services within the Boulder City Fire Department response jurisdiction. Even though these service fees may seem high, the costs of service among municipal emergency transport providers are usually much lower than private ambulance services.

Mileage Charges
The mileage charge within the City limits of Boulder City is charged as 1 mile, no matter where in Boulder City you are transported from. Mileage to out-of-city hospitals is based on actual miles from the point of pick-up to the receiving hospital.

Varying Fees
Emergency ambulance service is based on the level of care required by the patient plus the mileage to the appropriate facility. For example, a Basic Life Support (BLS) call to Boulder City Hospital is $596.69; whereas an Advanced Life Support-2 call with serious injuries requiring skilled Paramedic intervention and transport to the Trauma Center at UMC would be $1,149.46.

Highest Level of Care
The City of Boulder City made the decision in 1997 that its citizens deserved the highest level of
emergency medical care possible. Therefore, the city staffs all of the Boulder City Fire Department’s Rescue units with emergency medical professionals trained at the highest level possible. With this training, Paramedics can provide advanced life support that will improve survival outcomes for victims of medical emergencies in our community.

The drive to the hospital is a very small portion of what the paramedics do as part of our service.
Driving a person around the block to Boulder City Hospital or to a Las Vegas hospital is only 1 piece of taking care of a patient. The Paramedic-staffed Rescue unit responding to your emergency is actually a mini-rolling emergency room that is stocked with life saving equipment, medicine and personnel.

With this equipment and medicine the Paramedics can quickly and competently treat you or a loved one during whatever emergency they encounter, 24 hours a day. Although you, personally, may not need that level of care, the city believes our citizens and visitors deserve the highest level of care on all emergency medical response calls. The level of care the patient receives from the Paramedics and available on the Rescue unit is what is important and what most of the ambulance bill reflects.