Crime Prevention

Boulder City Police Department has many programs dealing with crime prevention. These programs are ideally suited to the public to enable citizens to take control of some of the crime prevention process. This process enables Police Officers to be more aware and informed about what is taking place in the community, and assists them in the prevention of crimes.

Juvenile Conference Committee
The Juvenile Conference Committee of Boulder City, Nevada serves as a 1st step in the juvenile justice process for misdemeanor and status offenses, and offers a way to return control of minor juvenile misbehavior to the community where the offenses occur.
Take a bite out of crime
The committee is made up of dedicated and caring Boulder City residents from all walks of life. They hear status offenses, activities that would not be illegal if they were committed by an adult, such as curfew violations, and possession of alcohol, and misdemeanor crimes such as disorderly conduct, petty larceny, and destruction of property to name a few. The youths that come before the committee must be Boulder City residents between the ages of 8 and 18.

The success of the Juvenile Conference Committee in Boulder City is realized through the lack of a 2nd appearance by the juveniles before the committee (the recidivism rate being approximately 7.1%). Intervention with the younger juveniles, before their misbehavior turns into more serious criminal offenses, is working. The success of the Conference Committee is now well known throughout the community.

Some of the other crime-prevention programs that the Boulder City Police Department is involved in include:
  • Bicycle Identification Program - The Bicycle Identification Program provides the means to help identify a lost or stolen bicycle.
  • Business Alert - This prevention program provides the businesses of Boulder City with the knowledge to protect their businesses from crime.
  • Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) - Giving the children of Boulder City the tools and peer group support necessary to resist drugs and alcohol, this program is taught by the School Resource Officer, Officer David Krumm.
  • Halloween Pumpkin Car - Providing high officer visibility on Halloween Night by passing out candy the Halloween Pumpkin Car sends anticrime messages to trick-or-treaters.
  • McGruff Truck - Elementary school children have been instructed to look for the McGruff symbol on city utility vehicles. The children know that the city workers can contact the police in emergency situations.
  • Neighborhood Watch - Providing the citizens of Boulder City with the tools and knowledge to protect themselves and their neighbors from becoming victims of crime. The Boulder City Police Officers also get involved with the Neighborhood Watch Program by providing other services designed to assist citizens.
  • Operation Reminder - Operation Reminder leaves a notification on property regarding open doors, unsecured bicycles, and other security problems.
  • Operation We Care - This program is a written venue enabling the citizens of Boulder City to bring nonemergency problem areas to the attention of the Police Department.
  • Property Watch - Providing some peace of mind for Boulder City residents, Property Watch ensures that their home is being looked after while they are out of town.