K-9 Unit

The Boulder City Police Department's (BCPD) K-9 unit formed in November of 2001, is modeled after the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's (LVMPD or Metro) K-9 program.  Metro K-9 officers  provide initial training to our handlers and their dogs and afterwards serve as mentors and advisors.
A police dog working inside a citizen's vehicle
Charlie, the partner of K-9 Officer Nutzman, is a black Labrador Retriever that is certified in Nevada and California as a Narcotic Detection Dog. Charlie has been highly successful since his arrival and has found considerable quantities of drugs during his short career. Charlie has been used by Las Vegas Metro Police, Hoover Dam Police, the National Park Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration

Barry & Quest
Barry, our patrol dog, and Quest, our narcotic detector dog, both of whom were trained and handled by Officer Paul Daly, retired at the end of June. During their many years of service they assisted many law enforcement agencies, including the National Park Service, Hoover Dam Police Department, Henderson Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police, North Las Vegas Police Department and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

On the Streets
If you have any questions about the K-9 Unit, please feel free to contact Officer Alan Nutzman. If you see Alan on the street and he's not involved in a traffic stop or a pedestrian contact, he will gladly let you meet and pet his partner and answer whatever questions you may have.