Part-Time Officers

Boulder City Police Department has an excellent Part-Time Police Officer Program. Part-Time Officers give over 12,000 hours a year to the Police Department, enabling more Police Officers to be available on the street and to the community.

Part-Time Police Officer Program
The Boulder City Police Department is assisted in its mission by the Part-Time Police Officer Program. The Part-Time Officers are composed of men and women dedicated to providing a service to our community. Part-time officers perform a variety of tasks within the Police Department:
  • Conduct investigations - Assist the Investigations Bureau
  • Desert patrol - Patrol the Clark County Conservation areas within the city limits of Boulder City and unincorporated areas of Clark County
  • Evidence - Assist detectives with evidence releases and booking
  • On call - To assist the Police Department in the event an emergency exists
  • Patrol - Work patrol assignments as either a partner with a full-time officer or as a solo part-time officer (depending on state certification and successfully passing the FTEP program)
    • Special Assignments include Desert Patrol, City Council Meetings, etc.
  • Prisoner transports - To and from area jails for court in Boulder City
  • Special events - Providing crowd and traffic control
Becoming Part of the Team
Part-Time Police Officers are paid $14.84 an hour. The selection process for part-time officers is similar to that of a full-time police officer. Applicants for Part-Time Police Officer must be certified as Category I Nevada Peace Officers prior to applying. Out-of-state candidates must check with their respective state to assure that their state certification has not expired, prior to applying for Boulder City and for reciprocity. In addition, assure that their out of state certification is equivalent to that of a Nevada Category I certification. Once hired, the Part-Time Police Officer must complete a full 17-week (40 hours per week) Field Training Program.

Application Process
If you feel you have an interest in this program, please contact the Human Resources Department for further information or obtain an application from City Hall to begin the process.

After submitting an application, applicants will then be required to participate in an oral interview, with successful candidates undergoing an intensive background check. The Police Department is dedicated to providing professional Part-Time Police Officers to assist its citizens.