Water Conservation & Watering Schedule

The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) drought plan was developed in 2002, and adopted by the SNWA Board of Directors on February 20, 2003, to induce a level of water conservation necessary for the region to respond to various drought conditions. The plan focused on reductions in consumptive Colorado River water use, specifically changing the outdoor water use habits of residents, since outdoor use accounts for the greatest consumption of water. It also identified drought stages, response measures and used a variety of tools to both regulate usage and encourage conservation during times of drought. The City of Boulder City, being a member agency of the SNWA, implemented a Drought Plan on September 17, 2003.

Conservation Goal
The SNWA committed to review the drought plan frequently to ensure it reflects current conditions and appropriate levels of action required by the community as a whole. In 2005, the SNWA member agencies established a new conservation goal, and agreed to implement the major demand reduction tools identified in the SNWA drought plan, as recommended by the SNWA Integrated Water Planning Advisory Committee. Implementation of these restrictions requires the SNWA member agencies to update their ordinances and/or services rules. Those ordinances and / or service rules specific to the City of Boulder City are outlined in Bill No. 1584 Exhibit A.

Amended Plan
An amended drought plan was adopted by the SNWA Board of Directors on February 19, 2009, as well as a new conservation goal of 199 GPCD (Gallons per Capita per Day) by 2035. The revised plan reflects the 2007 Record of Decision outlining shortage-sharing arrangements, new rules for Intentionally Created Surplus, and the adoption of drought-alert restrictions as conservation measures for the community. The 2009 drought plan will be included as a new chapter in the 2009 SNWA Water Resource Plan and will be revised as needed as part of that annual review process.

Water Conservation Rebate Programs
The City of Boulder City is a member agency with SNWA who administers a conservation rebate program for water usage. SNWA currently offers several rebates for water conservation. Visit the Southern Nevada Water Authority website for more information.

Watering Schedule

Watering Group
Winter Watering Day
(November - February)
Spring /Fall Watering Day
(March - April and September - October)
Summer Watering Day
(May - August)
Group A
Monday Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Any Day
Group B
Tuesday Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Any Day
Group C
Wednesday Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Any Day
Group D
Thursday Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Any Day
Group E
Friday Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Any Day
Group F
Saturday Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Any Day