Slurry Seal Various Boulder City Streets

This project has been completed. Striping of the streets occurred during the first week of August.

Roadway Maintenance:

Goal 3 of the City’s Strategic Plan is to ensure and protect our investment in the City’s assets. The Public Works Department ensures compliance with this goal by utilizing a five year roadway maintenance plan. In order to get the most out of the existing asphalt assets, the Public Works Department has created a pavement database with a condition index for all City maintained streets in our community. Utilizing the database Public Works has developed a five year plan for road reconstruction and maintenance. Boulder City owns approximately 85 miles of roadways which equates to about 2.1 million square yards of pavement. A typical industry goal is to replace pavement every 20 to 30 years, which equates to an annual cost of approximately $2.8 million to $4.2 million. Each year the City is eligible to receive approximately $860,000 in funding from the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC). Consequently, many roadways will be forced to be in service far longer than desired. With this in mind, the Public Works Department intends to do extensive maintenance projects in the form of slurry seals, which will extend the life of the asphalt roads. Even with this approach, there are insufficient funds to perform all of the maintenance Public Works would like to do each year. The other entities in Clark County are in the same situation as Boulder City. RTC recognized this shortfall and created the Fuel Revenue Indexing program to help control the growing gap between funding needs and availability. For more information about “Fueling Our Future”, visit the web page:

On February 23rd, City Council awarded a bid to perform over $500,000 in maintenance work on City streets. The streets included in the maintenance program are depicted in the attached exhibit. A complete list can be found on the City’s web page at:, under Agenda Item Number 6. Construction should begin in March and last approximately three months. Per the contract documents, the contractor is required to notify homeowners when work will be performed in their area. This is typically done by placing a door hanger on the front door of each home, a day or two prior to the work taking place. Street Parking will be prohibited and access will be limited during construction and while the asphalt emulsion cures. Drivers should obey all traffic control devices to avoid damage to vehicles.

Slurry Seal Streets by Day

The picture below depicts the streets that will be worked on by a daily basis. Starting Monday April 25th, the streets outlined in green will be done and the streets in orange will be done on Tuesday April 26th, and so on. Work will only be done on Monday thru Thursday.