Diamond Ridge - Subdivision No. 111

A developer is looking into developing this 5.35 acre vacant piece of property (APN 186-04-802-003) located north of Northridge Drive and east of Arizona Street. The proposed layout consists of 15 lots with an extension of Northridge Drive to a dead end and the extension of Arizona Street to the new portion of Northridge Drive.

The first step in the development of a subdivision is the recommendation of a Tentative Map by the Planning Commision to the City Council. It went to Planning Commision on 2/17/2016 and was recommended. It also went to City Council for approval on 5/10/2016 and was approved. For information about the map, you can view the referenced meetings by going to “How Do I… View… View Public Records” at the top of this page, or by contacting the Community Development Department at 702-293-9282.

The developers next step will be the submittal of an Offsite Improvement Agreement along with a full set of Improvement Plans and a Final Map. These plans will depict the proposed improvements of public utilities, roadways, Rights-of-Way, and any easements necessary for the project. The improvement plans are currently in review by the Public Works Department.