Electric System Improvements - Avenue I

The Public Works Department is committed to providing safe and reliable power service to the residents and businesses of Boulder City. While funding for capital projects is very limited, we deliver on what is approved in the budget. This year the project involves replacing the entire electrical system in the residential neighborhood at the north end of Avenue I. Once complete, these residents will be served from substation 6, providing more reliable and consistent power service. In addition, this project will reduce the demand on Substations 1 and 2, allowing the City to better serve customers in the commercial and historic portion of the community. Ensuring and protecting our investment in our critical utility service is directly in line with Goal 3 of the Strategic Plan.

Beginning in March of 2016, the Public Works Department will have a contractor working to install a new electrical system along Alpine Dive, Linda Lane, Avenue I, Claremont Street, Laurel Drive, and Tamarisk Lane. The contractor will be installing empty conduit, junction boxes, and numerous concrete pads for future transformers and other electrical equipment. Once the contractor is complete, the City’s Electric Division will install all of the new cable, transformers, and service pedestals. Then one by one the City will switch customers over from their existing service to the new service.

From March through September you may encounter trenches dug on every street in these neighborhoods. Unfortunately, many of the streets in these neighborhoods are narrower than what the current code allows. This means that during the project, on-street parking will be prohibited and there will be times when streets are designated as one way, with flaggers used to temporarily stop traffic.

The best source of information regarding the most up to date construction schedule will come from the contractor. However, you are always welcome to contact the Public Works Department at pwadmin@bcnv.org or 702-293-9200 with any questions.