US95 / I-11 Interchange

Las Vegas Paving (LVP) will soon begin construction of a US95 diversion road around the location of the future Interstate 11 interchange. This will allow for the safest and quickest construction method of the I-11 bridges over US95. However, there will be impacts to the traveling public between Searchlight and Boulder City. Traffic control will be set up to narrow both northbound and southbound traffic to one lane in each direction. This will also involve a speed reduction. Travel lanes will be wide enough to accommodate large truck traffic. LVP has reviewed the traffic volumes on US95 and one lane in each direction is sufficient to handle the average flow of traffic. One concern is the peak traffic coming to Las Vegas on Friday nights and leaving on Sunday afternoons. There could be occasional situations where traffic is backed up on US95, attempting to merge into one lane. In addition, for approximately two weeks flaggers will be used on the US95 diversion to completely stop traffic to allow construction trucks to cross with fill material. The flaggers will only be in use from 10pm to 6am to minimize traffic disruption. LVP estimates bridge construction to take 8 to 10 months to complete, then US95 will be returned to normal.
US95 - Interstate 11 Construction