Aquatic and Cultural Center Master Planning:

SH Architecture’s scope of work and fee will be recommended for approval at the December 12, 2017 City Council meeting.

Boulder City Parkway Complete Street Improvements:

The CA Group is working on completing addressing the comments from the 30% plans and preparing the 60% plans for submittal. The CA Group and staff are continuing individual meetings and contacting additional property and business owners to schedule individual meetings to review the project.

Gingerwood Phase I Electrical Service Replacement:

The contractor, Mountain Pine, completed trenching and conduit installation for the first six units. They have formed and poured the bases for 3 of the service pedestals.

Fire Department Remodel:

SH Architecture is working on the design plans for the remodel. The first review set is scheduled for submittal next week.

Lakeview Park Improvements:

Staff and our construction management firm, Horrocks Engineers, are working with CG&B to schedule the pre-construction meeting.

This project is a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funded project for improvements to Lakeview Park. Improvements will include a new irrigation system, sod, gazebo, park furniture, drinking fountain, park sign, backboards for the basketball court, etc.

Boulder City Tap Transformer and Breaker Replacements: Contracts have been sent to ESS International Corporation for execution. Staff is working with ESS to process the contracts and schedule the pre-construction conference.

This portion of the project is to build the foundations for the new transformer and circuit breaker and various other pieces of new equipment. The project also includes new conduit for controls and grounding for the new equipment.

Elm Street Retaining Wall:

Three bids were received on Thursday, November 30, 2017. Staff has reviewed the bids and will make a recommendation for award at the December 12, 2017 City Council meeting.

This project is the construction of a retaining wall in the unimproved alley between the 7-11 Store on Nevada Way and the Moore’s Mobile Home Park on Elm Street. This is a Community Development Block Grant funded project.

Private Projects Update:

1. Subdivision 112 – The Cottages – 1501 Nevada Highway
  • Sewer mains and storm drains continue to be installed. 
  • A bond reduction for public improvements was approved last week.
2. Subdivision 113 – Tract 349
  • Storybook Homes has indicated they could be submitting their tentative map for review as early as next week.
3. 15103 Highway US 95 South – Dry Lake Bed West – Techren
  • City staff expect to approve their Encroachment Permit Application for the Temporary Reclaimed Water Line late this week.
  • City staff also expects Techren to submit for review their Technical Drainage Study late this week.

Public Works Customer Service:

The Public Works Department Engineering Division received 16 requests for services last week as follows:

05 – Building Department Reviews
03 – Excavation Permits
04 – Traffic Control Plan Reviews
02 – Obstruction Permits
00 – Electric Service
00 – Deviation from Standards
01 – Utility Investigation
00 – Water Waste Investigation
01 – Electric Rebate Program