Utah Street Reconstruction

On August 25, 2015, City Council approved Agreement No. 1556 between the City of Boulder City and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) to provide funding for the design, construction, and construction management for micro pave and street reconstruction projects in Boulder City. The micro pave/slurry seal portion of this project has been completed, helping to extend the life of our asphalt roads.

The street reconstruction portion will be from Utah Street at Northridge Drive to Park Street, as depicted in the attached exhibit. The Utah Street Reconstruction Project will consist of approximately 8,252 linear feet of trenching for electrical conduits. Transformer pad, vaults, junction boxes, streetlights, and other related items are also set to be installed. New water services will be installed and fire hydrants will be replaced. Some driveway approaches and ADA ramps will also be replaced. Approximately 24,730 square yards of asphalt paving will be done along Utah Street as well. The utility portion of this work will be funded from the City’s Utility Fund; the rest of the project will be covered by RTC funds.

The City will be working with Aggregate Industries –SWR Inc. for the Utah Street Reconstruction. This will be a 120 calendar day project. The pre-construction meeting will be held in the beginning of September. Construction will begin the middle to end of September and last until January 2017. Maintenance projects like this help the City realize Strategic Plan Goal 3, protecting our investment in the City’s infrastructure.
Utah Street Reconstruction Location Map