Animal Control

Boulder City Animal Control is responsible for controlling the animals, both pets and others, that reside within Boulder City. On this page you will find general information, contact information, fees, volunteering, adopting, missing animals, nuisance animals, urban wildlife and related ordinances. To protect your pet, be sure to keep it licensed.

Humane Treatment & Protection of Animals
The Boulder City Animal Control Bureau provides full animal control and investigative services for the humane treatment and protection of animals as well as the protection of our community, its people and their property. The Animal Control Bureau is a part of the Boulder City Police Department support staff. Our goal is to balance the required and necessary enforcement actions along with the needs and wants of our community by a proactive approach to community oriented policing.

City Owned & Operated
We are an open public facility that is city owned and operated. The shelter provides humane treatment and care to all feral, stray, abandoned or owned animals impounded within our jurisdiction. Animals are either returned to their owner, put up for adoption, or humanely euthanized.

Service Area
Our service area consists of 35 square miles of the original town site and 172 square miles of the undeveloped El Dorado Valley within the city limits.

City Ordinance
It is illegal to own, contain, harbor or keep any wild or exotic indigenous or nonindigenous animal(s) within Boulder City Township. All wild or exotic animal(s) impounded will be released to the appropriate State or Federal agencies, or humanely euthanized under their directive. Read the Boulder City Municipal Code.