Strategic Plan

In 2012, Boulder City embarked on a strategic planning process to develop a plan which would provide a forward thinking guidance strategy for the City. The process involved considerable input from the residents, businesses, and City staff. The City Council adopted Envision 2020 in November of 2012.


As one of the city's largest departments and the department responsible for all of the city's construction projects, Public Works plays a significant role in the implementation of the Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan 2020 specifically identifies the Public Works Department as the lead on a variety of goals. Visit our Strategic Plan page for more information about the specific goals.

Envision 2020 Boulder City Nevada

How does Public Works accomplish these goals? The following is a brief description of the Public Works approach for each of the goals:

  1. Goal 3 - Infrastructure
  2. Goal 6 - Capital Improvement
  3. Goal 7 - Sustainability
  4. Goal 8 - Mobility Plan

Goal 3 Infrastructure: Public Works Will Develop & Implement a Comprehensive Asset Management Plan for Our Utilities, Streets, Sidewalks, & Flood Control Facilities

Public Works in Action: The first step in developing a good asset management plan is the development of a database of the assets. The city has never had such a database, nor does the city have the resources on staff to create one. To address this gap, in 2013 Public Works hired a consultant to research our existing maps and conduct extensive field work to develop a database of the entire electrical infrastructure. In addition, the priority of our part time GIS Technician is to improve the Water and Sewer database to make it a reliable tool for engineering and maintenance work. With the help of the Information Technology Division, a spatial database was created to match the spreadsheet database of all city maintained roadways. These are significant accomplishments for 2013.

However, a substantial amount of work remains. All city buildings and important features, such as air conditioners, roofing material, door hardware, etc. need to be catalogued and mapped. Both flood control and sidewalk databases need a significant amount of work. A future goal is to map all park facilities. These databases will enable proper asset management, through which Public Works will successfully make a complete transition from a reactionary style of maintenance to a more proactive approach. We have made great strides in this direction over the past 8 years, but there is a lot of work ahead of us.