Boulder City Parkway Complete Streets

Many roads today are accommodating only to the motor vehicles, and most are undesirable for bicyclist and pedestrian use. As the roadways have widened, traveling by foot or bicycle has become less safe. Developing a complete street design can provide a balance of safety and mobility for everybody that uses the roadway. Elements that make up the complete street include widening sidewalks, constructing dedicated bicycle lanes, bus turn outs, intersection improvements, pedestrian/bike crossing improvements, and median improvements. The National Complete Streets Coalition identified that a complete street will provide the following benefits to all communities:

  • Improve safety and mobility
  • Ease congestion and increase road capacity
  • Improve health by promoting physical activity and opportunities of alternate modes of transportation
  • Grow economy by creating more inviting communities
  • Lower transportation cost by providing transit options
Additionally, complete streets projects can offer improvement in air quality, and ensure access of transportation options for all.

From the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) the City received funding for the design of roadway improvements. The City will use this funding for the Boulder City Parkway Complete Street Project and will follow the RTC’s complete street policy. The area of this project is the entire reach of US 93 through the City Limits of Boulder City, from Interstate 11 at Railroad Pass to Pacifica Way. This project will include the complete street elements, transforming this “incomplete street” into a functional and accommodating roadway with multiple transportation alternatives.

Currently, the City is working with the CA Group, Inc. to develop the concept and design plans for the complete street. The City is committed to working with the public during the process, providing coordination meetings for the general public, general stakeholder meetings, and individual stakeholder meetings for properties in the project area. We will work with local businesses to minimize the impact to their business during construction and enhance their business after the project.

An alternatives analysis report will be prepared, and the key aspects will include the following: truck turning movement in and out of business driveways; prepare roadway cross sections for 4 travel lanes, enhanced pedestrian path, and enhanced transit and bicycle facilities; pedestrian/bicycle crossing improvements for Veterans Memorial Drive, Gingerwood Street, Yucca Street, and Mesquite Street; and analyze 2 westbound through lanes on Nevada Way through the Buchanan Boulevard intersection. From the alternative analysis and community outreach for design coordination, the final design for the project will be created.

At this time, the City has only secured roadway funding for design of the reach from Gingerwood Street to Buchanan Boulevard. The City’s goal is to work with the staff at RTC to secure roadway funding in 2018 to begin construction of the first phase of this exciting project. The availability of RTC funds and the level of RTC funding are greatly dependent of the outcome of the ballot question that will be presented to the voters of Clark County for consideration on November 8, 2016. In addition, the City will have to secure a local funding source to fund the amenities (landscaping, benches, etc.) that accompany the roadway project.

The City values our multiple options for transportation, and will work to further enhance our transportation opportunities. Redefining Boulder City Parkway into a complete street provides safety and enhanced mobility for pedestrians, bicyclist, and vehicles. If you would like more information on the benefits of complete streets, please visit the RTC’s web page at
2017 03-21 Roadway-Exhibit-Rendering-with PDFs