69kV Transmission Loop

The City's six electric utility substations are fed from 69,000-Volt transmission lines. Each substation in the southern half of the City has two 69,000-Volt feeds, so the failure of equipment on one feed won't cause an extended power outage to the substation. However, the utility substations in the northern half of the City have only one 69,000-Volt feed. As a result, an equipment failure could result in an extended power outage to thousands of customers in the area.

The 69 kV loop project will increase the reliability of the Boulder City electric transmission system by constructing a 1.6 mile-long 69,000-Volt line to provide a second feed for the City's north-area distribution substations.

69kV Transmission Line Loop Executive Summary (PDF)

69kV Transmission Line Loop Final Study (PDF)

Public Comment Form (PDF)

69kV Transmission Line
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