Mayor Kiernan McManus (2019 - November 2022)

Kiernan McManus is a native of Boulder City. He was born in 1957 at
the original Boulder City Hospital.  His parents moved to Boulder City
in 1953 when his father accepted a position at Boulder City High
School where he taught for many years.

A graduate of BCHS in 1975, Kiernan pursued a degree in Political
Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He later transferred
to his father’s alma mater, the University of New Hampshire, to
complete his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Having grown up in Boulder City, Kiernan had the opportunity to absorb
the history of the City directly from the 31'ers who proudly spoke of
the efforts and sacrifices needed to construct Hoover Dam.   The pride
and camaraderie of those same people were the genesis of the creation
our beautiful community of Boulder City.

As a young adult, McManus witnessed the discussions and planning that
resulted in Boulder City's current conservative growth policies.  The
same growth policies that have preserved our community and our small
town qualities well into the 21st century.

Elected as a member of The Boulder City Council in 2017, Kiernan has
worked to bring transparency to our City government and ensure City
finances are sound.  He recognizes the importance of preserving our
history and heritage for future generations and has worked diligently
to implement workable solutions for preservation.

Mr. McManus's professional career includes nearly 2 decades of work
for Fortune 500 corporations primarily in Information Technology.  He
earned two additional Associate of Applied Science degrees during this
period of time.  He continues to work part-time in the technology