Electric Service Information

Power linesBoulder City receives most of its power from renewable hydroelectric sources (Hoover Dam and Glen Canyon Dam on Lake Powell). Power use ranges from approximately 22 megawatts (MW) of power in cooler months, to about 50 MW on a peak summer day. Boulder City leases parcels of City land in the Eldorado Valley for solar development. Since January 2022 (when the Townsite Solar plant started generating power) the City has committed to purchase five megawatts of energy each month at $39.95 per megawatt hour. The site holds a nameplate capacity of 232 Megawatts of AC power and 90 MWac energy storage, all of which goes to the Mead Substation for transmission and distribution.  The City is also a member of the Silver State Energy Association. Silver State schedules power purchases and delivery for Boulder City as well as for other entities in Southern Nevada.