What are the fees associated with Fire Department permits?
The Boulder City Fire Department (BCFD) has adopted the latest (2012) edition of the International Fire Code as well as the Southern Nevada Amendments and charges cost recovery fees for inspections, permits for certain businesses storing or using hazardous materials, fire alarm and sprinkler plans reviews, fire alarm and sprinkler acceptance tests, and permits for a variety of hazardous one-time activities.

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1. What are the fees associated with Fire Department permits?
2. What types of permits does the Fire Department issue?
3. What do I need to do to obtain a permit?
4. What do I need for a plan review?
5. What types of buildings need sprinkler systems?
6. What permits or fees are required to hold a special event in Boulder City?
7. What are the permit requirements for tents, canopies and temporary membrane structures?
8. Is a permit required for using explosives?
9. Do spray paint booths need to be permitted?
10. What are Maintenance Agreements and who needs 1?
11. What is a Monitoring Station and who needs 1?
12. What types of burning require a permit?
13. Are there rules regarding outdoor barbeques?
14. What is a Knox box and how are they used?