Boulder City provides its residents with utility services, including electric, water, sewer and refuse collection. All of these services are billed to the residents by the Utility Billing Office. The Utility Billing Office has helpful and important information relating to residential and commercial electric, water and sewer rates, refuse rates, recycling and utility billing payment policies.

Monthly Feature

February 2017

  • Resolution 6570 went into effect on January 1, 2017. To read the resolution click here. This resolution increases the fees charged to those who are disconnected for non-payment and those who request special services like a same day turn on for new account setup. Anyone who wishes power to be restored after 5pm Monday- Thursday will be charged an additional after hours fee. Extensions on past due bills will no longer be granted to accounts that have been disconnected for non-payment. The past due balance along with the reconnection fee must be paid to restore service. 
January 2017

  • On the go? More and more utility customers are turning to mobile and electronic solutions to manage their utility accounts. Our Citizen Self Service website allows you to see your account balance, consumption history, and make payments online no matter where you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The site is easy to use and more and more customers are signing up each month. It's fast, free, and easy just click the pay your bill online link above. 
  • In response to longer delivery times for bills delivered via the postal service, the Utility Billing Office has issued a 5 day grace period on late fees. We will still generate late notices the day after the due date, but that notice will explain which date late fees will be added. 
  • Cold winter temperatures can do a number on pipes. Be sure to watch your water consumption and check your home for leaks. Most homes lose up to 10,000 gallons a year due to undetected leaks. Click here on tips on how to find them. 

December 2016

BC Wastefree will be changing their recycling collection days as of January 02, 2017. Click here for a map that shows which day your recycling will be picked up.

October 2016

Utility Rate increases take effect October 1, 2016. However, you may not notice a change until your November bill. The City bills in arrears which means the October bill is for September's usage. Therefore, you will see the change to utility rates on the November bill. Click here for frequently asked questions about the rate increases. 

If you would like a copy or to read the resolutions passed by city council click below:


Due to the rate increases those who take part in the budget billing program and make equal payments each month may see a greater increase in their payment amount then was to be expected.  

Coming soon there will be a slight change to the look of our Utility Bills. We have selected Wells Fargo Print Services to print and mail the bills. Below are some examples of what the new bill format will look like. 

Late Notice
Disconnect Notice