Incident/Crime Reports

Public records requests may be submitted to the Records Bureau in person, online, or by phone. Please call (702) 293-9257 to confirm the report is available for dissemination prior to appearing in person. Juvenile criminal information is deemed confidential and cannot be released.

Incident/crime reports
When requesting an incident/crime report, please have the following information available:

  • Report number (for example: 17BC0989);
  • Your name;
  • Type of incident (traffic accident, burglary, etc.);
  • Involved person's name(s);
  • Date and time of incident;
  • Address or location. 

Traffic Accident Reports
Accidents that are under investigation will not be available until the investigation is complete and the case is closed. You will need the date of the accident and the report number.

Closed traffic accident reports are available online.