Aircraft Tie-Down Parking

The transient tie-down parking is located at the corner of Alpha and Delta.  This is the placeApron Areal 2018 to park if you are visiting us - one of our two FBOs will be happy to help you with your fuel and ground transportation needs.  Based aircraft parking is located in the North Tie-Down. Customers are assigned a spot and must sign a month-to-month license agreement.  There is a waiting list, so if you are interested please visit the documents and forms page to fill our a form to be added to the waiting list.  Our fee schedule is listed below and is charge by type of aircraft and spaces used (on the transient ramp).

RateAircraft Type
$5.00 per daySingle Engine 
$7.50 per dayMulti Engine
$50 (month-to month agreement)Single Engine
$60 (month-to-month agreement)Multi Engine

Vehicle Rental 

Vehicle rentals are available by reservation.  Please contact one of the FBOs to coordinate through Enterprise.

Vehicle Parking

Is available adjacent to the FBOs on the field.  If you are traveling with one of our many tour operators please contact them for parking near their facility. 

Public Transportation

Public transportation is available to and from the airport with Silver Rider.  The office hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm and they can be contacted at (702) 894-4190.