Boulder City Police Department's Investigation Division, consisting of the Detective Bureau and the Narcotics Bureau, is commanded by Sergeant Aaron Johnson.

Detective & Narcotics Bureaus
The Detective Bureau conducts follow-up investigations on all felonies and most misdemeanors, prepares affidavits of arrest and search warrants, maintains custody of all evidence received, and conducts crime scene investigations. The Narcotics Bureau suppresses the use and sale of illegal drugs through surveillance, investigation, interdiction, and arrest.

Specialized Training

Detectives of the Investigation Division have special training in areas such as:
  • Arson investigations
  • Background investigations
  • Crime scene investigations
  • Crimes against children and the elderly
  • Crimes against persons
  • Domestic violence
  • Evidence
  • Fatal crash investigations
  • Gang and graffiti crimes
  • Missing persons
  • Narcotics
  • Property crimes
The Evidence Room
The Evidence Room is a secure repository for hundreds of items of evidence and property. In some investigations, an officer will take an item of evidence to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Criminalistics Bureau for analysis. If you lost your bicycle, please request an appointment to view found property. If you have been contacted by the Boulder City Police Department to retrieve an article from evidence, please call.