Court Procedures

Boulder City Municipal Court offers the following information which gives a detailed explanation of some of the most important Court procedures.

Below is a brief list of common procedures for every court session.
The interior of the Municipal Courtroom, facing the judge's bench
Procedures in Effect for All Court Sessions
  • All individuals are required to pass through a metal detector.
  • All individuals are subject to search.
  • Before entering the courtroom, all beepers, cell phones and radios must be turned off. 
  • No audience talking is allowed while court is in session.
  • No food or drink are allowed in the courtroom. 
  • No weapons are allowed in the court building.
  • Proper attire is required. That means no shorts, no tank tops, no bare feet and no halter tops. This is strictly enforced, even during summer months.
Obligations Before Your Court Date
If you have questions that have not been answered here, contact the Court immediately. The time frame in which you have to complete your obligations towards your matter is limited. All obligations must be completed by the court date assigned to you. If the obligations have not been completed by the court date assigned, a bench warrant for your arrest will be requested and your driver's license will be suspended. Any questions you have on procedures of the Court must be directed to the Court.