Operational Fire Permits

General information

A renewable fire permit is required for all businesses who engage in work in Boulder City. Businesses will be required to be permitted as an annual, biennial or triennial operational fire permit.  An initial fire inspection will be conducted to determine which fire permit applies based upon the completed hazard assessment. After that, recurring fire inspections will be conducted to ensure continued safe operation.  Any violations noted will be provided to the business owner/representative at the time of the inspection.


Businesses that have threshold amounts of hazardous materials or hazardous operations defined by the adopted Fire Code and the Southern Nevada Fire Code Amendments will be assigned an annual fire permit and inspected once every year.

Permit Fees: $77 per permit category per year


Businesses that do not have hazardous materials or operations but have life safety systems (example – fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems) that are required to be maintained by the adopted Fire Code will be assigned a biennial fire permit and inspected once every two years.                      

Permit Fees:  $77.00 every two years


Businesses that do not have hazardous materials, operations or life safety systems will be assigned a triennial fire permit and inspected once every three years.            

Permit Fees:  $77.00 every three years 

Please contact the Fire Prevention Office at 702-293-9339 for all information or questions about the fire permit program. 

For fire plans review, please see Construction, Fire Plans Reviews, Fire Inspections, and Fire Permits webpage for the Plan Review Application (New) 3-2016 Initial Set of Plans Review and the Permit-Inspection Fee Schedule (2015 Edition).