Residential Knox Box Program

Residential Knox-Boxes are installed over the top of a home's front entry door and hold one key (provided by the resident) that allows the Fire Department personnel easy and rapid entry into the residence.  

The Boulder City Fire Department can access the Knox-Box with a key that is securely located in the Fire Engine.  If an Emergency arises, the responding crews are able to access the Knox-Box and retrieve the house key without having to force entry or wait for a key holder to arrive.

The Residential Knox-Box is ideal for individuals:

  • With a history of medical problems
  • Who frequently travel
  • Are recuperating from a hospital stay
  • Live alone
  • Using an electronic calling/medical alert service

This residential box program enhances the department's response times and reduces forced entry damage while protecting property and lives.


Only Boulder City Residents may order a Knox-Box. 

For more information, please watch How to Order a HomeBox.

Go to Purchase a Residential Knox-Box and follow these instructions:

  • Select the state (Nevada), city (Boulder City Fire Dept), select Residential use ONLY - HomeBoxes, order directly through KNOX.
  • Select your preferred style and color. 
  • At checkout, add the address where the box will be installed.  
  • This is only for residents that live in the City of Boulder City.  The Knox-Box will not work outside of City Limits. 


  • After receiving your Knox-Box in the mail, bring it to the Boulder City Fire Department for key placement inside the box.  
  • Hang Knox-Box on your front door 6" - 8" away from the door jam. 
  • For more information, contact Boulder City Fire Department Administration at 702-589-9641 Monday through Thursday 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM or Email the Fire Department.