Geographic Information System


What is helping the City track and manage the infrastructure, utilities, parks, irrigation, zoning and land use used to support our City?

The answer is "GIS." What is GIS? It is a geographic information system.

We are all familiar with the information system called Social Security. It keeps track of such things as where we work and for how long. A geographic information system also can be used to keep track of things that have a "where" attached: a "spatial" component.

City Use

Where does the street start? Where does it end? When was the pavement last checked? When was it last swept? These questions and many more can be answered by utilizing a GIS.

Of course, the information must be put into the system first.

Boulder City has water, sewer, land use, zoning, parcel ownership and many other layers available in their GIS. Plus, 2 of our most basic layers come from an interlocal agreement with Clark County: the Parcel Data and Aerial Photography layers.


The GIS Department downloads, organizes, and documents the available GIS data from Clark County. Some federal GIS data is also obtained for City use from the Bureau of Land Management or the National Park Service. Guidelines for GIS use are suggested to the various City Departments, with the goal in mind to facilitate more enterprise GIS usage.

Training on GIS is also offered and a GIS users group provides a forum for communication of GIS ideas between departments.

City Departments that utilize GIS include:

  • City Clerk
  • City Manager’s Office
  • City Shops
  • Community Development
  • Fire Department
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Police Department
  • Public Works


A particularly popular output of a GIS is maps. Getting a visual representation of data makes it so much easier to understand.

We have a variety of maps available showcasing our data. Maps are made showing the current or planned state of our City, as in our future land use and zoning maps, and we have maps showing our park facilities and golf courses. In the very near future, we plan to make much of these available for download from this website.

GIS Maps

View and Print City Maps

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